Mayor and City Council Election: In preparation for the upcoming elections, WSNA invited candidates for Mayor and City Council (Ward1), to address a number of questions on issues facing Salem and the WS community. On behalf of the WSNA, we’d like to thank the Mayoral Candidates, Mayor Chris Hoy and Councilor Julie Hoy (no relation), and City Council Candidates, Paul Tigan and Celine Colman, for their willing participation. You can find their responses to our questions at our website at

Park News: It’s been a busy year for the WSNA so far, and Parks Chair Pamela Garland seems  to be in the thick of most of it. Pamela submitted a grant application to the Salem Parks Improvement Fund (SPIF) in January. She received word that the grants were approved, and WSNA is now moving forward with three new projects targeted for completion sometime this spring. All three projects are slated for the Edgewater Park district, continuing the work to help restore the area and welcome residents back to West Salem’s historic Edgewater district.

Grant Information: $1000 for an Edgewater Park Sign, $3500 for the creation of an Edgewater Information Kiosk, and $1000 for new garbage cans to be located near the two new picnic tables purchased by last year’s SPIF grant money. There’s still talk about adding artwork to glam up the garbage cans, so stay tuned for more information.

WSNA is also proud to be one of the sponsors bringing “Salem Seekers” back to the city of Salem. Pamela Garland, founder of Salem Seekers, approached WSNA last year looking to spread the word about her project and vision for getting people outside and back into our Salem parks. Salem Seekers will hide 30 glass birds in four Salem parks over the months of June, July, August, and September. Watch for more information on this delightful event or follow the fun on social media. For questions, email

CPR Training: WSNA is working in partnership with the City of Salem to provide CPR Training to residents of West Salem. Training will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, and will be offered free of charge, or at a very minimum cost. We’re targeting the month of June with pre-registration available on our website. Stay tuned for more information or visit our website at

Capital Manor staff and residents welcomed WS neighbors on April 4th for the monthly WSNA general meeting. The venue and hospitality were amazing with over 70 people filling the auditorium to learn more about the NA and what’s happening in our local community.

Meeting: The agenda was full and informational, and questions and conversations filled what little space was left. Nikki Phillips, Director of Marketing & Community Relations for Capital Manor kicked off the meeting with a brief history, then dove more deeply into Capital Manors commitment to community growth and involvement. WSNA is thrilled to have them as partners!

Salem Police Officer V. Salazar from the Community Action Unit gave a brief update on the recent homicide in Wallace Marine Park, then spoke about the importance of programs like the Neighborhood Watch Program in reducing opportunities for crime. He also stressed the importance of getting involved in order to understand what’s happening around the neighborhood. Volunteer opportunities are abundant and easy to find on the city’s website,

Guest speakers, Josh Eggleston and Courtney Knox Bush provided a budget update and progress report on the city’s Revenue Task Force. The task force consists of 25 residents and business owners across the city, charged with identifying new ideas for generating revenue for the city.

Gretchen Bennett, Homelessness Liaison for the City of Salem, provided an update that included information on alternative living situations, clean-up crews, plans for the restoration of the north side of Wallace Marine Park, and the expansion of Polk County homeless services. Volunteers are always needed and greatly appreciated.

Council members Micki Varney (Ward 8), and Virginia Stapelton (Ward 1) were both in attendance and provided updates from City Council. They asserted that the last City Council meeting was quiet, but the update they provided reflected anything but. Information included the recent vote to rescind the private ambulance contract in 2025, the news that the library is NOT (and never was) targeted for closing, homelessness stats that reflect the success of the City’s efforts in both Marian and Polk counties, the exciting return of the Soap Box Derby to Salem, and a reminder that April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. 

Upcoming Meetings:

  • May 2nd  at 6:30 PM at Roths in West Salem. The Community Room, located upstairs, is accessible by stairs and elevator. The special guest speaker will be Representative Paul Evans.
  • June 6th at 6:30 PM at Roth’s in West Salem.

For all the latest and greatest neighborhood news, visit our website at: