Take a step into Chandler Nature Park, and step away from the hustle and bustle. This hidden gem is the perfect little reset button that we all need.  Nestled in a darling West Salem Neighborhood, its nature path will make you feel miles away, while still in town. 

This Park, originally named Daniel R. Chandler Memorial Park, is located at 1495 Bachelor Ln NW, in West Salem, with another entrance at the “Dead End” on Ptarmigan St.  Both entrances have on-street parking for visitors. 

This beautiful tribute to nature is a wonderful getaway. There are bridge-covered streams, (built by local Boy Scout Danny Garmon as his Eagle Scout project in April 2013) and native plant identification placards (installed by local Eagle Scout, Erik Jackson).  While covered by the park’s canopy of trees, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature all around you – the trilling birds, ducks, and other wildlife are all at home in this tucked-away sanctuary. 

Dogs are welcome on leash. There are plastic bag stations and garbage cans available for you to dispose of waste. This park has uneven, natural terrain.