General Meeting Agenda

Nov 2,2023




WSNA General Meeting

  • Thursday Nov 2 ,2023 Starting at 6:30 PM
  • Location
    • Roth’s (1130 Wallace Road. NW., Salem Or. 97304)
    • New Room please look for sign indicating the room we are in


Chair–Mike Freitas,

Vice-Chairs– Sara Campos

Secretary– Drew Strayer



Call meeting to order.

Reading of equity statement > Sara


Any additions to agenda from the body


Approval of agenda



         Any corrections or additions to minutes

Approval of minutes





  • Salem Police Department
  • Mayor Hoy
  • Mark Wardell (CERT)
  • Councilor
    • Ward 1
    • Ward 8
  • By Law Item Addition
    • Vote to add to By-Laws.


  • Chair Announcements
    • Discuss Executive Board planning session.
    • Pedestrian path under bridge
      • Signage
    • Wallace road & 2nd street safety concern
    • Upcoming meeting with the planning department



  • Committee Reports
    • Does any committee chair have any announcements?
    • Does anyone have any questions for a committee chair?
      • Welcoming > Robert
      • Communication>Maureen
      • Houseless > Drew Strayer
      • Transportation > Nick
      • Glenn and Gibson Creeks Watershed > E.M
      • Parks > Linda
      • Treasure > Beverly
      • Land Use > Steven



Next Meeting

            Is Thursday December 7th at 6:30 PM


Equity Statement

The WSNA (West Salem Neighborhood Association) is committed to reducing equity gaps, increasing access for all, and creating a safe community for everyone.

Safety and belonging for all West Salem residents is vital. We must be inclusive in conducting business and promoting policies that protect age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion, and other individual identities.

The association commits to integrating equity into the fabric of our association and the delivery of public services in pursuit of equal, fair, and just outcomes for all.