Glenn and Gibson Creeks Watershed Council

Meeting Notes for October 10, 2023

Jeff Johnson, City of Salem Natural Resources Planner, outlined the process underway to identify stream corridors and riparian corridors in the City .

His Zoom presentation was recorded and may be watched at

Volunteer Opportunities

o Friends of Trees Saturday, November 11 12:45 PM Eagles View Park planting

o Friends of Trees Saturday, December 2, 9:45 AM Orchard Heights Park planting

Registration required register at


Orchard Heights Park

Three representatives of the Glenn Gibson Watershed Council (GGWC) met five representatives from Salem Public Works Engineering, Storm Water, and Parks departments to walk the reach of Glenn Creek through Ochard Heights Park on October 20th.

The Parks representative, Rob Romanek, indicated that the Master Plan for the park from 2003 included restoration of the riparian area and stream protection. Mr. Romanek suggested that the council send a letter of interest to SPRAB [Salem Parks and Recreation Advisory Board] indicating an interest in working with the City to evaluate a restoration plan for the Park and help to seek funding for implementation.

It was agreed to consult the Council about proceeding.


Willamette River Reparian Flora and Fauna Assessment.

The Oregon Watershed Enhansement Board (OWEB) staff reported that the Glenn Gibson Wastershed Council/City of Slaem environment assessment grant application was approved at the October board meeting. The grant is to complete a Floodplain Species Assessment that identifies the threatened and endangered species that have range or critical habitat within the designated floodplains of Salem and recommend actions to support conservation or recovery of those species.