WSNA Meeting Minutes

October ,2023

Call Meeting to Order

Meeting was called to order by chair at 6:35 PM

Reading of Equity Statement > Beverly


  • Any additions to agenda from the body
    • No additions
    • Motion to approve was made by E.M second by Beverly motion passed.

Minutes Approval

  • No additions, deletions, or changes to the minutes
  • Motion to approve minutes made by Don second by Steve motion passed.

New Business

  • Salem PD
    • No one from the Salem Police Department was able to attend and the chair read some information that was provided.
    • October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Salem Police Department has a very active Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) program which is designed to provide 24‐hour on-scene crisis intervention to victims of domestic and/or sexual violence in our community. One way you can help is to donate your gently used cell phoneto our program. The devices provide a link to safety for victims in need. Call our coordinator at 503-588-6499 for more info.
  • October 4 is National Coffee with a Cop Day, and we’re celebrating too with a coffee klatch at the Chick-Fil-A in south Salem (2560 Kuebler BV SE). Stop by between 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m. for a cup of coffee and some convo with your Salem Police officers. Talk about what’s happening in your neighborhood or chat about who you think is going to win this year’s Ducks v Beavs Civil War!
  • SPD’s 16th Annual Halloween Dress Rehearsalis scheduled for Saturday, October 28, 3 p.m.-5 p.m. Children are invited to come to the police station (333 Division ST NE) and “rehearse” being safe on Halloween night by dressing in their costumes and stopping by the police station for some fun with a little safety sprinkled in! Kids will interact with officers at various stations where they learn about costumes and traffic and pedestrian safety, as well as learning how to safely approach homes. Our amazing community partners will also have games and giveaways for the kids.
  • Councilor
    • Counselors were unable to attend the meeting.
  • 2nd Street Update
    • Aaron and Tony provided an update on the project.
      • Project is from Gerth to Wallace Road
      • Narrowing the street to provide calming of traffic.
      • New sidewalks full improvement, ramp ADA standards, storm water improvement,
      • Crosswalks will be painted.
      • Replant trees
    • Elections
      • Chair
        • Mike Freitas was voted in as chair.
      • Vice Chair
        • Prior to reading of statement by the candidates Robert Garcia asked to pull his name from the ballet
        • Sara Campos was elected as the new Vice Chair.
      • Secretary
        • Drew Strayer was elected as the secretary.
      • Treasurer
        • Beverly Freitas was elected as the Treasurer.
      • Spending Request
        • The Chair made a request that WSNA purchase a project that can be used for our meetings which will allow us to stop printing and using paper. The request was not to exceed a dollar amount of $400.00.
        • M made motion to approve the spending request and it was second by Pamela Gardner
        • Motion passed.
  • Goldcrest Brook Improvements Project
    • M provide a status update:
      • The City of Salem is beginning to design a project to repair areas of eroded streambank along Goldcrest Brook. As you are aware, Goldcrest Brook has been subject to incision and erosion over the years. The objective of this project is to stabilize the channel and banks and improve habitat functions along portions of Goldcrest Brook. Improvements will occur within existing easements along the creek.
  • By-Law Addition (First Reading)
    • Any West Salem Neighborhood Association Board Member (officers and committee chairs) speaking publicly to the City Council, media, or at a public meeting as a representative of the West Salem Neighborhood Association will be required to:
  • Have their written statement sent to the Chairperson, or Vice Chairperson of the West Salem Neighborhood Association 36 to 24 hours before they are scheduled to speak for review.
  • Once the statement is received, an Executive Board meeting will be called to approve, and/or edit said statement as appropriate and in conjunction with current Association By-Laws.

The purpose of this process is to ensure that all board members of the West Salem Neighborhood Association are following our code of conduct.

If this process is not followed:

  • An Executive Board Member from the West Salem Neighborhood Association will craft a public statement stating that the aforementioned statement is not a reflection of the organization’s views, nor was it approved in any way as a representation of the Neighborhood Association and should therefore be viewed as a personal statement of the individual that delivered it.
  • Committee Chairs Update
  • Houseless Update
  • We learned of some living out of doors on private property along the walkway that is between Wallace Rd. and the park, near the storage area. We worked to help people access alternative shelter and housing resources and to conclude being at that location.
  • We are working to reduce the amount of abandoned garbage at Wallace Marine Park.
  • Our Turner Rd micro-shelter for people aged 18-24 opened and filled quickly, and now has a waiting list.
  • I hope soon to have information on how people can volunteer to help with the Salem Warming Network; won’t be long before it is cold.
    • Communication
      • Maureen provided some updates on the articles that have been published and asked for ideas on what people would like to see.
    • Special Note
      • We will have two special guests at the November meeting:
        • Mayor Hoy
        • Mark Wardell (CERT)
  • Next scheduled meeting is Nov. 2nd starting at 6:30PM
  •  Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM