Our November 2nd General Meeting was jam-packed with valuable news and information. Chairman Mike Freitas provided an update on the annual Executive Planning Meeting held October 26th. He shared the new Mission, Vision, and Value statements along with supporting goals and a By-law update. The new documents were streamlined to reflect the updated vision of the Association, with new goals and action items to support them. General Membership passed all changes. New documents will be posted on WSNA’s new website at: https://westsalemna.com/.

Salem Mayor Chris Hoy was one of two guest speakers at WSNA’s November 2nd General Meeting. The mayor responded unscripted to an assortment of questions from WS citizens, spanning a range of topics that included:

  • Traffic/speeding
  • Homeless
  • Salem Transportation Plan
  • Avelo Airlines
  • Fenced dog parks
  • Payroll tax vote and next steps
  • Citizen participation in NA’s

Mayor Hoy answered each question thoughtfully, acknowledging the subject and providing insight to what the city can and cannot do. In a common theme, he reiterated the importance of Neighborhood Associations and what can be accomplished when citizens collaborate proactively with government. Speed limit and traffic calming strategies can be implemented, programs and services can be enhanced to help our homeless, parks can be improved, and land, water, and development projects influenced.

Our second guest speaker was Mark Wardell, Team Lead for West Salem Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). CERT trains volunteers to assist when a disaster overwhelms or delays professional response. CERT members are trained to care for themselves and others in the first three days following a disaster. The outreach program is open to the public in group settings that can be coordinated by contacting CERT directly.

Please join us online at https://westsalemna.com, and at our next meeting, Thursday, December  7th at 6:30 pm at Roth’s upstairs Community room, accessible by stairs and elevator.